Manolis Plionis, Spyros Basilakos
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 327, Issue 2, October 2001, Pages L32–L36
Publication year: 2001


We compare the probability density function (PDF) and its low-order moments (variance and skewness) of the smoothed IRAS Point Source Catalogue Redshift Survey (PSCz) galaxy density field and of the corresponding simulated PSCz look-alikes, generated from N-body simulations of six different dark matter models: four structure-normalized with

 graphic  and


one COBE-normalized, and the old standard cold dark matter model. The galaxy distributions are smoothed with a Gaussian window at three different smoothing scales, graphic

 10 and 15 h−1 Mpc. We find that the simulation PSCz look-alike PDFs are sensitive only to the normalization of the power spectrum, probably owing to the shape similarity of the simulated galaxy power spectrum on the relevant scales. We find that the only models that are consistent, at a high significance level, with the observed PSCz PDF are models with a relatively low power spectrum normalization


From the phenomenologically derived σ8–moments relation, fitted from the simulation data, we find that the PSCz moments suggest