Manolis Plionis, Riccardo Valdarnini
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 249, Issue 1, March 1991, Pages 46–61
Publication year: 1991


We have analysed the combined Abell–ACO cluster catalogue with m1016.4m10≲16.4 which is 80 per cent redshift complete. Taking into account different models of the extinction region we find the cluster dipole pointing within 10≲10∘ of the CMB dipole direction which indicates that clusters are tracers of mass. The dipole amplitude converges at 150h1∼150h−1 Mpc, within the completeness limit of the catalogue. We find that the anisotropy which is responsible for the LG motion with respect to the CMB rest frame extends in depth and has a scalelength of 300h1∼300h−1 Mpc. Most of the Local Group peculiar velocity is induced by matter fluctuations within 50h1∼50h−1 Mpc. Shapley’s concentration (otherwise known as ‘Giant Attractor’ or ‘alpha region’) at a depth of 140h1∼140h−1 Mpc, is responsible for ≲ 20 per cent of the Local Group’s peculiar velocity. Finally, using linear perturbation theory, we find that Ω00.3