S.Basilakos, M.Plionis
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 299, Issue 3, pp. 637-642
Publication year: 1998


We have reanalysed and compared the dipoles of the 1.2-Jy and 0.6-Jy (QDOT) IRAS galaxy samples. We find strong indications from both samples for (a) significant contributions to the
gravitational field that shapes the Local Group motion from depths up to ,170 h¹1 Mpc and (b) a large-scale coherence of the dipole anisotropy, indications provided mainly by the fact that the differential dipoles of large equal-volume shells are aligned with the CMB dipole and exhibit significant dipole signals. The two IRAS dipoles are indistinguishable within 50 h¹1
Mpc and beyond ,130 h¹1 Mpc while the QDOT dipole, having a lower flux limit, continues growing with respect to the 1.2-Jy sample up to ,100 h¹1 Mpc in agreement with Rowan-
Robinson et al.