K. Migkas, M. Plionis
Revista Mexicana de Astronom´ıa y Astrof´ısica, 52, 133–141 (2016)
Publication year: 2016


We have used the Union2.1 SNIa compilation to search for possible Hubble expansion anisotropies, dividing the sky in 9 solid angles containing roughly the same number of SNIa, as well as in two Galactic hemispheres. We identified only one sky region, containing 82 SNIa (~15% of total sample with z > 0.02), that indeed appears to share a Hubble expansion significantly different from the rest of the sample. However, this behaviour can be attributed to the joint “erratic” behaviour of only three SNIa and not to an anisotropic expansion. We also find that the northern and southern galactic hemispheres have different cosmological parameter solutions, but still not significant enough to support a Hubble expansion anisotropy. We conclude that even a few outliers can induce artificial indications of anisotropies, when the number of analysed SNIa is relatively small.