C. Lidman, F. Ardila, M. Owers,, C. Adami, L. Chiappetti, F. Civano, A. Elyiv, F. Finet,S. Fotopoulou, A. Goulding, E. Koulouridis, O. Melnyk, F. Menanteau, F. Pacaud,M. Pierre, M. Plionis, J. Surdej and T. Sadibekova
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia (PASA), Vol. 33, e001, 7 pages (2016).
Publication year: 2016


We present a catalogue containing the redshifts of 3 660 X-ray selected targets in the XXL southern field. The redshifts were obtained with the AAOmega spectrograph and 2dF fibre positioner on the Anglo-Australian Telescope. The catalogue contains 1 515 broad line AGN, 528 stars, and redshifts for 41 out of the 49 brightest X-ray selected clusters in the XXL southern field.