Mehrabi, Ahmad ; Basilakos, Spyros search by orcid ; Tsiapi, Pavlina ; Plionis, Manolis ; Terlevich, Roberto search by orcid ; Terlevich, Elena ; Gonzalez Moran, Ana Luisa ; Chavez, Ricardo search by orcid ; Bresolin, Fabio ; Fernandez Arenas, David ; Telles, Eduardo
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 509, Issue 1, pp.224-231
Publication year: 2022

We place novel constraints on the cosmokinetic parameters by using a joint analysis of the newest Very Large Telescope (VLT)-K-band Multi Object Spectrograph (KMOS) HII galaxies (HIIG) with the Type Ia Supernovae (SNIa) Pantheon sample. We combine the latter data sets in order to reconstruct, in a model-independent way, the Hubble diagram to as high redshifts as possible. Using a Gaussian process, we derive the basic cosmokinetic parameters and compare them with those of Lambda cold dark matter (ΛCDM). In the case of SNIa, we find that the extracted values of the cosmokinetic parameters are in agreement with the predictions of ΛCDM model. Combining SNIa with high-redshift tracers of the Hubble relation, namely HIIG data, we obtain consistent results with those based on ΛCDM as far as the present values of the cosmokinetic parameters are concerned, but find significant deviations in the evolution of the cosmokinetic parameters with respect to the expectations of the concordance ΛCDM model.

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