Zeballos, M. ; Aretxaga, I. ; Hughes, D. H. ; Humphrey, A. ; Wilson, G. W. ; Austermann, J. ; Dunlop, J. S. ; Ezawa, H. ; Ferrusca, D. ; Hatsukade, B. ; Ivison, R. J. ; Kawabe, R. ; Kim, S. ; Kodama, T. ; Kohno, K. ; Montana, A. ; Nakanishi, K. ; Plionis, M. ; Sanchez-Arguelles, D. ; Stevens, J. A. ; Tamura, Y. ; Velazquez, M. ; Yun, M. S.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/MNRAS/479/4577. Originally published in: 2018MNRAS.479.4577Z
Publication year: 2022

We targeted fields centred on luminous AGN at 0.5<z<6.3 which were known or suspected to be hosted by massive galaxies, as potential signposts of high-redshift overdensities. The ACES protocluster sample was surveyed at a wavelength of 1.1mm with the AzTEC camera as a visiting instrument at the 15-m James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT;FWHM=18arcsec) in Hawaii and at the 10-m Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment (ASTE; FWHM=30arcsec) in the northern part of Chile. The field towards 4C+41.17 was observed at the JCMT in 2005 December, and the other 16 fields were observed at the ASTE from 2007 May to October and 2008 July to December. Table 3 shows the source catalogue for the PKS1138-262 field. This list is in decreasing order of S/N and includes the measured 1.1mm flux densities and their deboosted fluxes. Tables A1 to A16 show the catalogues for the other ACES protoclusters.

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